About Will

The Sculptor

Will is a skilled animalier sculptor who primarily works with wax. He was born and raised in the idyllic countryside of Southwest England, drawing inspiration from his upbringing on the family farm. From a young age, he has been drawn to the art of sculpting and is entirely self-taught.

Although he studied Physiotherapy at university, Will’s education proved beneficial to his art, as it provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the musculoskeletal system. This knowledge of the skeletal system, muscles, tendons, joint articulations, and biomechanics has made a tremendous impact on Will’s technique and approach to sculpture. He applies this understanding to his work, creating accurate and dynamic animal sculptures that capture the essence of the animal’s movement and form.

With his unique background, Will brings a distinct perspective to his art, infusing it with a deep appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the natural world. His commitment to mastering his craft, combined with his passion for animals, has earned him a reputation as a highly skilled and sought-after animalier sculptor.





To start a sculpture, Will builds an armature of a wooden base and steel and aluminum frame that forms the skeletal aspect of the sculpture, in much the same way as the skeleton gives the body its structure. Next Will builds up key bony landmarks, from which he can then build up the musculature.  This gives the ability to maintain proportional and anatomical accuracy even when making sculptures with complex and energetic compositions. Perhaps paradoxically, this rigid and measured approach has afforded Will the ability to relax his technique to bring movement and life to his work. Will adapts his style depending on the subject, Equine sculpture is smoother and less textured to uphold the majesty of the horse, boasting their imposing and striking anatomy. Will approaches wildlife sculpture differently, leaving more for the mind to fill in the details, as the mind would have to do when seeing wildlife in nature. The magic of seeing animals in nature is in their mystery, often, a glance is all you can hope for before the moment has passed.


Will feels most energized when inspired by a moment in nature. Inspiration can come at any time whether hiking in the Scottish highlands or on just another short walk on a Sunday afternoon. Will’s background in British wildlife sculpture comes from a childhood on the family farm, and in the somerset countryside.

Will has been drawn closer to his Scottish heritage since starting the lifelong challenge to bag the 282 Munros. These regular trips to the Scottish highlands bring new encounters with rock ptarmigan, grouse, red dear, white-tailed and golden eagles among many others.

Horses have always been a big part of Will’s life, learning to ride at a young age but preferring to sculpt them in time. Equine sculpture dates back 32,000 years and has evolved in its purpose and appearance, But constant is the close relationship between man and horse.

Africa has made a lasting impression on Will after being lucky enough to spend time in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Kenya seeing the African bush in all its raw beauty.