About William Montgomery Sculpture

The Sculptor

William is an animalier sculptor working in wax and oil based clay. The sculptures are then moulded and cast in bronze. Fundamentally William’s work is representational, however his style is an ongoing evolution as he continues to explore new ideas and methods. Having started sculpting at a young age, William is entirely self-taught. He went on to develop a deeper understanding of the musculoskeletal system from a degree in physiotherapy. Serendipitously this has had a considerable influence on his artistic approach.


To start a sculpture, William builds a armature. This is a steel and aluminium frame that forms the skeletal system of the subject, in much the same way as the skeleton gives the body its structure. Next William builds up key bony landmarks, such as the iliac crest or spine of the scapula, from which he can then build up the musculature. This gives the ability to maintain proportional and anatomical accuracy even when making sculptures with complex and energetic compositions. Perhaps paradoxically, this scientific and structured approach has afforded William the ability to relax his technique to bring movement and life to his work.


The glorious English countryside is the source of much of William’s inspiration. Growing up on a dairy farm, which proudly produces Montgomery Cheddar, wildlife and domestic animals have always been a part of his life. Additionally, time spent in the African bush observing its magnificent wildlife made a lasting impression on William and these beautiful animals will continue to feature in his work.

To learn more about William and his animal sculptures, call him today.