About William Montgomery Sculpture

Recent Events

In December 2018 Will was delighted to have won The young artists' Christmas exhibition at Isabel de Pelets Guggleton gallery in Stalbridge with his Stag Sculpture "The Batchelor of Balintore".


William James Strickland Montgomery was born and raised in Somerset, and took an interest in art at an early age spending much of his time drawing and painting. This is mainly due to books and painting by his great-grandfather, John Strickland Goodall. Best known for his series "The adventures of Paddy Pork".

The early exposure to representational art work influenced Will enormously. Paintings by his great-grandfather, sculptures by Emma Mac Dermott and William Newton, and more recently Nick Bibby continue to inspire will today.

Wills father, Jamie Montgomery is the proud maker of Montgomery Cheddar which has won the World Cheese Awards in 2016, 2017 and 2018. His mother, Bumble, was an international dressage rider and an event rider.

Growing up on a farm surrounded by animals from horses and dogs to sheep and cow, cementing his love for animals. Despite being raised in the west country, Several safari holidays to Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia have also influenced Will considerably and will continue to make its way into Wills sculpture


"I had been drawing from a early age but only started sculpting at 12, when my family commissioned a sculpture of our horse. I was given a small piece of clay and made my first sculpture of my pet dachshund. My interest in sculpture was sparked and has continued to grow into a passion.". 

Since then, he has been sculpting figurative animal sculptures out of Plasticine. This oil-based clay allows him to achieve stunning detail without the risk of the clay drying.

To learn more about William and his animal sculptures, call him today.